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Information provided, pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016, hereinafter referred to as
GDPR“, to articles 13 and 122 of the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree
196/03) and the General Provision of Garante Privacy of 8 May 2014 regarding cookies,
to users who connect to the site, hereinafter referred to as the “agent”.

What are Cookies
Cookies are simple pieces of information that are transferred from the website and
saved on the hard disk of the user’s computer and are small text files that allow websites
to store some data to make them accessible for subsequent access by the user.

Based on the origin, cookies are divided into two categories:
proprietary cookies, which are created, deleted and modified directly by the visited
Third-party cookies, which are created by other content-owner sites, such as ads,
images, social buttons or other services, displayed on the web page of the site you are

Based on their duration instead, cookies can be classified as follows:
temporary cookies (for example session cookies) which are automatically deleted
when the browser is closed.
persistent cookies that remain available until they are explicitly deleted by the user or
until their natural expiration, established by the site itself.

Most sites use cookies because they are among the technical tools commonly used on
the web that can improve navigation and user experience while also allowing to offer
personalized services (for example, avoiding to request login credentials every time,
remember the last application used, store products in the cart, show important content
for the user, remember that a message has already been viewed, etc.).
These are also called “technical cookies” and do not fall within the scope of data
processing governed by the GDPR as they do not contain personal data, nor identifiers
associated with personal data or other information that allow the user to be identified,
and their use is strictly functional to the provision of services by the site.
Advertising companies can also use technical cookies, for example to limit the number
of times a particular advertisement is displayed, or to establish the frequency of display
of advertising messages (banner rotation).
In any case, cookies can only be read or modified by the site that created them and
cannot be used to access any other user data through the browser nor can they
transmit computer viruses as they are not software programs, but simple information of
text that absolutely cannot harm your computer.
Most browsers accept cookies automatically and yet the user can disable cookies
directly from their browser.
However, it is good to know that, based on the quality level of the services offered by
the site, the deactivation of cookies may make it impossible for the user to use all or
some of the online features and in some cases access to the site itself.

Cookies on our site
Like most websites, our site also uses cookies to improve the user experience, to make it
easier to use our applications and to provide advanced features that would not be
possible without the use of cookies.
Our site uses proprietary cookies and third-party cookies.
As far as proprietary cookies are concerned, we only use both temporary and
permanent “technical cookies”.

Temporary technical cookies
Temporary cookies include the PHPSESSID cookie which allows the functioning of work
sessions which end when the browser is closed.
The sessions are essential to authenticate on the site registered users or to use
applications that require data entry in several steps, such as forensic parameters,
expense reports or electronic invoices.
The sessions are also useful for not losing the data entered in the applications in the
event that the user changes the page or in the integration between the applications
themselves (for example the editor of the deed of obligation integrated with the
notification report that are two distinct applications).

Permanent technical cookies
Our site also manages several persistent cookies with various expirations based on their
The following are the main features of our site that use technical cookies:
• save user preferences in some applications, such as the choice of the flat rate
scheme in billing.
• Establish whether a user visits the site for the first time and the date of the last
visit (this cookie is based on an anonymous numeric identifier from which it is not
possible to trace the IP address).
• Guarantee automatic access to the site by registered users through the
“remember” function.
• View messages and communications relating to new services, new publications or
other no more than once.
• Prevent repeated ratings of applications and articles to guarantee the veracity of
the data.
• Memorize the type of browser (desktop, tablet or smartphone).
• Remember which side navigation bar menus were opened or closed.
• Remember the user’s preference regarding cookies based on this information.
• Identify the presence in the browser of adblock and view the related information.
• Other uses of minor importance that we leave out for the sake of brevity.

Third party cookies
The site allows the transmission of third-party cookies (social media, advertising
agencies and statistical monitoring), limiting itself in this case to the simple sending of
cookies to the user’s terminal, without managing their operation and contents, which
therefore remain the sole responsibility of third parties.
Our site uses only the “native” cookies of the various browsers (text-type information)
and does not use the so-called “Flash Cookies” (a different type of cross-browser
cookie) but some third-party sites may use this technology that requires the presence of
the Adobe-Flash plugin in the browser.

For site access monitoring and navigation statistics we use Google Analytics, hereinafter
The GA tracking code uses technical cookies to allow us to analyze, in an anonymous
and aggregate form, the traffic of users on our site (most visited pages, new users,
returning users, types of browsers and devices, loading speed and view pages etc.).
In addition to the “standard” information, our site sends to the GA platform, always
anonymously and without personal data, some specific analysis dimensions that help us
better understand the behavior of our users to improve the service offered in relation to:
Traffic analysis of registered users.
Enabling cookies based on this information.
Use of adblock software (installation and uninstallation).

The following independent advertising companies are used to advertise on this site:
Google Adsense and Yieldlove.
For the management of some advertising spaces on our site, including any direct
advertisers, we use the Google Ad Manager product.
The independent advertising companies we use to show ads make use of technical
cookies to manage various parameters relating to the display of ads (frequency,
rotation, etc.) and can make use of profiling cookies to show the user personalized ads.
The information on the use of these cookies is provided by each company, as required
by the Privacy Guarantor, and there is usually a button on each individual ad where you
can view the individual company cookie policies.

Personalized Ads
Personalized advertisements, or interest-based advertisements, are advertisements
selected based on user preferences collected by companies in compliance with privacy
regulations, and are not based on personal data to identify the user.
For this purpose, companies can use cookies, give yourself profiling cookies, which
however do not include your name, home address, email address, telephone number or
other data that can identify you in some way.
If you would like more information in this regard and to know the options available to
prevent the use of such data by Google Adsense, click here.

Cookie deactivation
Cookies can be disabled using the browser settings.
As mentioned, disabling cookies involves, for technical reasons, the limitation or the
inability to access all the features of the site, or the impossibility for advertising
companies to show you personalized ads that may be of interest to you.
For example, disabling session cookies from the browser makes it impossible to connect
to the site and enter the reserved area, and prevents the operation of some applications
based entirely on sessions.
Sometimes browsers give the possibility to disable all cookies except session cookies,
but even in this case various features of the site will not be available, including, for
example, the “remember” function that allows you to enter without typing each time
user and password.
Disabling cookies also prevents us from showing you any service messages only once, or
from knowing if you are a new user or a user who has already visited our site.

Disable cookies from the browser
In any case, if the browser allows you to choose which cookies to disable, we
recommend that you leave at least the session ones active or do not block the cookies
created by our site but, possibly, only those of third parties.
For the deactivation or activation of cookies, the following guides are available for most
popular browsers:
Internet Explorer
iPhone, iPad